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Accademia Di Moda NAZARETH

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Accademia Di Moda - NAZARETH

The right address for teaching the art of fashion design professionally, and the most appropriate place to delve into the contents of this field.

Course Features / What are the advantages?
1. Our courses are not limited to practical education and fashion tailoring, but we also focus on emphasizing the importance of the “workflow” itself, building and developing the idea and its ramifications and crystallizing it, thus developing a personal style of design in order to create a coherent fashion collection.
2. The courses have a small number of students to emphasize the importance of digging into each student's design project and building a personal understanding between the mentor and the student. A balance is also being worked on between individual work and the development of a personal line, and between sharing work with the rest of the group, which forms a circle of cooperation and interaction between students to benefit from the work paths and conclusions of others.
3. The technical and technical expertise of the mentor is one of the most important features of the Academia de Fashion courses. We are keen to transfer long work experience and real-time and real-time experiences that the mentor goes through during his work, and the site teaching the courses gives an opportunity for male and female students to see and dissolve the mentor’s experience.

Course content:
1. The foundations of teaching fashion drawing with all its advantages, developing coloring skills, and getting acquainted with fashion drawing equipment to express the designs and ideas of each designer freely.
2. The foundations of choosing the type of fabric that suits each design, according to each student's project, and the foundations of teaching cut-tailoring and development according to the design, and sewing of all kinds.
3. To highlight the true meaning of the theme of fashion design.
4. Learn the history of fashion design in detail to broaden the student's intellectual and creative horizons.

Objectives of the Academy of Fashion:
De Fashion Academy aims to reduce the unemployment rate in the Arab community by developing the design profession and working methods to earn profits and live to fit with this profession.
After entering the academy, second-year students in the subject of professional tailoring have the right to work in the ADM boutique, which contributes to publishing the names of students in the Arab community as independent tailors who receive their clients there for a full year after completing their education in professional tailoring.
And it opens the way for students of the last year in the subject of fashion design to use the boutique for a year and a half to build groups of ready-made fashion after studies in the Arab sector's need of colors, types of fabrics, an annual style.
It also gives the opportunity for outstanding students to engage in the world of fashion on the ground within the atelier of designer Saher Awkal and founder of the Academy Stag for six consecutive months. In it, they apply their education on the ground and how to create the haute couture collections that are presented every year at the Paris Fashion Week.
On an annual basis, several students are chosen to work officially inside the Saher Okal Atelier, with the aim of reducing the unemployment rate in the Arab sector and developing the style of high-end tailoring (haute couture).
Also, Academia de Fashion adopts a group of its students during their education at the Academia de Fashion College in teaching them the foundations of education and guidance to be assistants to the Academy's teachers for two years. To give them the opportunity to work with a monthly salary as mentors in this fashion academy.
Academia de Fashion grants three scholarships annually. Students are selected through private schools in the city of Nazareth and the government through a social counselor in schools.
Asmaa is joined, registered, developed their skills and strengthened their strength to enter the design profession on a steady pace.


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Smiling Young Man

I am Rasha Abu Dahoud, a student at the Academia de Moda Nazareth. I learned the basic sewing course and advanced sewing, and now I am starting a new fashion design course. I'm very happy that I'm here because in my opinion there is no other place that ensures student's knowledgeable engagement.

Rasha Abu Dahoud

Hi, My name is Amer Nikola and I was enrolled in programs at Accademia De Moda and really encourage others to start pursuing their dreams in fashion design academy from this place.

Amer Nikola

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